I strongly believe that the current provision of rehabilitation for patients suffering from neurological disorders is woefully inadequate. The greatest problem in this area is the lack of availability of specialist help at the time of their original treatment and as they try to build independent lives.

Technology has the potential to address this challenge in an affordable and scalable manner.

The aims of telemedicine are closely aligned with a variety of NHS goals over the next five years. It presents a new model, which can help improve the quality and affordability of specialist healthcare and addresses the need for financial stability. It fits in with the use of technology as a foundation for improvement and supports the aim of empowering patients to manage their care.

I have been exploring the tele-medicine for many years and am keen to raise awareness of the potential, as well as enlisting the support of others who could make this a reality.

I am particularly interested in the role of tele-medicine in improving health care in the UK and Mauritius. There are working examples of tele-medicine in countries including Norway, France, India and the US which we can learn from, but we need a commitment from the NHS, technology companies and funding partners in order to see the potential improvements that tele-medicine offers in patient care..

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