Medico-Legal Work

My extensive clinical experience has put me in a strong position to prepare medico-legal reports for claimants, defendants and occasionally I have been jointly instructed. To date I have produced over 2000 reports, specifically relating to cases of spinal cord injury and acquired brain injury.

I have dealt with all aspects of spinal injuries, from 'basic' whiplash injuries, to ‘catastrophic’ in spinal cord injuries and acquired brain injuries. I have also been asked to provide 'condition and prognosis' reports on pressure ulcers.

In order to provide timely reports, I have reduced my clinical workload. At the same time, I am keeping my clinical skills honed by attending relevant ward-rounds in rehabilitation units, teaching at post-graduate level and attending national and international conferences.

In addition to medico legal reports, I have also contributed to chapters in books that inform the legal profession. These include a chapter entitled "Pressure Ulcers in Neurologically Compromised Patients" for the book "Measurements in Wound Healing" (Mani et al 2012, Springer) and a chapter titled "Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries" for the book "Medico-Legal Reporting in Orthopaedic Trauma" (Foy & Fagg  2010, 4th Edition, Churchill Livingstone).

My knowledge of French society, where I lived for 20 years, and command of the French language, is useful in situations where injuries have happened in French-speaking countries.


If you would like to get in touch, please contact me via email: or phone 07740540300