Spinal Injury Patient Film

This award-winning film was produced to help people to come to terms with spinal cord injury.

When a patient is admitted to hospital with a spinal cord injury, it is also traumatic for their family, friends, and loved ones - people who may know little of spinal cord injury, the care process, and the problems of leng-term prognosis. Understandably people want answers... "doctor, will he/she walk again?"

This 22 minute film explains the workings of the spinal cord, what may happen if damage occurs and common clinical terminology. It then features patients with varying levels of injury who provide their own insights. The film is now widely used across the UK in specialist spinal care centres - such as Stoke Mandeville - and also by major NGOs and charities, such as SIA, BackUp, and SSIT.

The film is It is designed not to replace face-to-face discussion, but to complement and enhance such discussions..

SPINAL INJURY PATIENT FILM from Glory Film Co. on Vimeo.

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